jeudi 25 novembre 2010

UK Press Quotes about Love and Death

Here are a few of the many great press quotes, about Ebo Taylor's new album Love and Death!

"Crisp tight horn lines, wibbly keyboards and rumbling bubbling bass....the best afrobeat album of the year"  
5 stars ECHOES

"...His first major release outside Africa ...proves a worthy successor to recordings from his late-'70s effortless blend of clanking percussion, horn riffs and the maestro's blues guitar" 
Q Magazine Nov 10 "4/5"

"West African highlife meets loose '70s funk as the veteran Ghanaian bandleader makes his UK debut" #35 of Q Essential Downloads for the track "Love And Death"  
Q Essential Downloads Nov 10

"Brilliantly, Taylor has captured the same endearing clunky production values of 1970s Africa" 
Uncut Nov 10 "4/5"

"Straight-ahead Afrobeat...Good stuff..." 
The Times 3 stars

"A handsome musical tapestry...dense polyrhthyms, blasting horns and zesty chorus of Aborekyair Aba proves that this Afrobeat original can still cut the rug, even into his eighth decade"  
MOJO 3 stars

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